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Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association was formed from ideas that were cultivated during conferences that were organised by us, which was established with the aim of bringing Cypriot enterprise to Great Britain and promoting investment in Cyprus. We have organised events at London venues where prominent guests were invited from Cyprus and the UK as speakers and panellists to discuss and debate the benefits of the Cyprus economy and its investment potential. Sponsors have also attended to promote their products.

We have also organised workshops, within the Greek community, where the delegates had the opportunity to be informed and updated on business matters, legislation and much more.

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We are promoting Networking between businesses based in Great Britain and Cyprus and we are offering a hand to our members to promote their businesses and at the same time to make new contacts through networking.

Our involvement in Marketing, Advertising and Events Organising in association with our academic qualifications in Business Theory and Practice enable us to ORGANISE QUALITY EVENTS and PROVIDE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING WITHOUT LIMITS.

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